Rio Manso Lodge Activities Duration Difficulty
On Foot
 Hike to Cascada de los Alerces (First Waterfall)  1.5 hours  Easy
 Hike to Lago Fonck  2 hours  Easy
 Hike to Second Waterfall  2 hours  Easy
 Hike to Lago Roca South Shore  4 hours  Easy
 Hike to Lago Roca North Shore  4 hours  Easy
 Hike to Piedra del Chileno  2 hour  Mid
 Hike to Piedra de Ortega  3 hours  Mid
 Hike to Third Waterfall  4 hours  Easy / Mid
 Trek to Mt Granitico top  8 hours  Mid / Strenous
 Trek to Mt Martin top  6 hours  Mid / Strenous
 Horse ride to Lago Fonck  2 hours  
 Horse ride to Third Waterfall  4 hours  
 Horse ride to Lago Roca South Shore  4 hours  
 Water Activities
 Lake kayaking in Lagos Hess and Roca  Half day  Easy / Mid
 Float trip down the Rio Manso  4 or 8 hours  Easy
 Birding   Variable  Easy
 Rafting the Lower Manso  Day long  Easy / Mid