Frequently Asked Questions
How does COVID affect Rio Manso Lodge?

Currently, there are a number of travel restrictions affecting visitors to Argentina.  Be sure to check with your government for the latest. At the lodge, we are following strict government protocols to provide our guests with the safest environment possible.

Do I need a visa to travel to Argentina?

No visa is required, just a valid passport.  

Is the lodge located within the National Park?

Yes, Rio Manso Lodge is located in National Park Nahuel Huapi, Argentina’s oldest national park which was created in 1934.

What is the driving distance from the nearest airport?

The airport in Bariloche is just 1½ hours from the lodge.  We normally provide all transfers for our guests to and from the airport or Bariloche hotels.

How far is the nearest town?

The nearest town is San Carlos de Bariloche, It is just 1½ hours from the lodge.

What is the normal average air temperature?

Temperatures range from highs in the 50s and 60s early and late in the season, to upper 70s in mid-summer.  February is our warmest month. You can expect most mornings to be quite cool.

How much rain does the Rio Manso Lodge area receive?

Rain is more likely in November, December, and late March and April.  Late January and February tend to be sunny and dry.

Do I need to speak Spanish?

No.  All our guides speak excellent English.

Do I need a fishing license?

Yes, you do need a license. The cost is included in your package and we arrange for you to get it when you arrive at the lodge.

Is there a fly shop available at the lodge?

The lodge has a small fly shop with most of the basic needs should you forget something.

Is fishing possible on the arrival day?

Many guests arrive at Bariloche airport by early afternoon. We’ll often have you back at the lodge in time for 1-2 hours of fishing your first evening.  There is no charge for this outing, but we do need to schedule this in advance.

What is the average driving time to the fishing beats?

Many guests arrive at Bariloche airport by early afternoon. We’ll often have you back at the lodge in time for 1-2 hours of fishing your first evening.  There is no charge for this outing.

Do you take credit cards at the lodge?

Currently we do not accept credit cards at the lodge.

What is the electric power voltage?

Our generator delivers 220 volts.  If you have any device that requires a charger, you will probably need a power convertor as well as an adaptor to plug into the wall sockets.

What activities are most frequent for non anglers?

The most frequent non angler activities are birding, hiking, and horseback riding. We provide guides for all non-angling activities like birding, hiking or riding. You can view the activities page for more information

Are horses available for non anglers?

Yes, we have riding available for our guests and specialized guides for this purpose.

Are there any poisonous snakes in the area?

There aren’t any poisonous snakes around this area in Patagonia.

Are there biting or annoying insects?

In general, we have very few biting insects at the lodge.  Horseflies appear in mid December and can be a nuisance until about mid January. There are a few mosquitoes in the channels. Yellow jacket bees can be a pest in the fall when they are attracted to food and drinks.  We recommend insect repellent or treated clothing like Orvis’ Insect Shield.

Do we need any special shots or immunizations before going to Argentina?

Generally, you do not need any shots or immunizations to travel in Argentina.  

Please Note:  There are special requirements currently in place related to COVID. Check with your government for the latest rules.

Do cell phones work at the lodge?

We do not have cell service at the lodge.  However, if you enable WIFI calling on your device, you will be able to make internet based phone calls.

Is internet service available?

Wireless internet is available at the lodge.