There are fishing seasons when everything seems to go pretty much the way you thought it would.  There are also those seasons that run a bit sideways and go to hell.  Fortunately, this is not the story of that kind of season, but rather the former.   In fact, this is really a story that Pat Dorsey should be telling, since it was his group that visited the lodge for a week before Christmas.

Mid December is a great time to visit the lodge since the dry fly fishing is outstanding and the days are long and fish-filled.  Perhaps best of all, the storied dragon fly hatch is in full swing.  The fish know this as well as any angler, and they are more than on the prowl; they are guided missiles exploding from the water in search of protein-loaded targets.

At the same time, the season’s new growth makes the valleys and mountainsides explode with new greens, verdant notrosreds, and vibrant Scotch broom yellows.  It’s a great time to be alive and in Patagonia!  So, take a journey through the eyes of Pat and his fellow fly fishers as they explore the waters of Rio Manso Lodge.



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